Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 1: To Your Best Friend

Dear Sara,
I can believe that this year on September 13th it will have been 5 years since we have been best friends. I remember in 6th grade I absolutely couldn't stand you. I called you puma girl because of a sweater you wore a lot. I have loved the fact that we have become sisters and can tell eachother everything and just by either looking at you or you saying/typing one sentence I can tell something is wrong. Even though we were never able to go to high school together, I know we will have more freedom into college and hey, maybe even end up at the same college. I truly love you with all my heart and I know that no matter how many fights/arguments we go through we will always continue to be friends. I am one blessed girl to be able to have you in my life and to be able to laugh and tell you anything.. Even if I call at 3 in the morning. I could literally go on and on about times we have had fun together or hardships but that might take years. Thanks for always being there for me when I was in need, you can always count on me.