Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The thought on my mind lately has been the future. Near future, far future, really everything. When I started high school I was sure about everything you could imagine, from what color the cloths on the tables for my wedding to how I was going to parent my children. Right now I am a junior and I'm not even sure if I want kids or if I even want table cloths in my wedding. I am debating on whether I want to go straight into college after high school or wait a year and work. I mean all I want as a stressed out teenager is to move out and get an apartment with my best friend. It's crazy. I constantly amaze myself at how I can change my mind in an instant. I know I need to just live and let things go but sometimes I cant. With tons of homework and not tht many friends here in my new city, I swear I'm becoming like those kids I used to make fun of just a year ago. Going to the library and doing homework and not really talking to anyone. Ahh, my mind is overflowing with wide ranges of thoughts and emotions.